The Fascinating History of Roll Top Bathtubs

The bath is the centrepiece of your bathroom. Hence, you have to make sure it matches with the overall style. There are lots of different types of baths available, although most would agree that the roll top is probably the most beautiful ones. These baths are fully freestanding and the tops have curved edges. They come in lots of different sizes so they can fit in small and large bathrooms alike. They also come in a range of materials, from the classic cast iron to the modern acrylic.

A History of Bathing

Roll tops look very traditional, which is because they were first developed in the early 19th century. However, it took at least another century before they became popular and mass produced. However, bathing itself obviously started much earlier.

Ancient plumbing systems have been discovered by archaeologists in India and these have been dated to around 3000BC. The Romans are famous for their vast and complex plumbing systems, which they started to build around 500BC. Once the Roman Empire fell, however, bathing became much less common. Indeed, it wasn’t until the 11th century that we once again started to understand that bathing was actually quite important. However, it wasn’t fashionable or popular until the 1800s.

Some 100 years later, people finally started to pay attention to hygiene. At this point, bathing became available in public institutions and schools. Public bathing was very common and more and more spas were being developed all over the country. People believed bathing would help them recover from illnesses and achieve greater wellbeing. Because most people didn’t have proper plumbing in the home, bathing was confined to just using tubs in the house.

After WWI, however, plumbing started to become more prevalent in regular homes. Almost all homes started to have running water, which meant the wealthier people started to invest in bathtubs. Roll tops were really reserved for nobility and rich upper class people. They would be placed on a raised platform inside a room. They were often placed in bedrooms as well, to really create a touch of luxury.

These tops were either cast iron or copper and these were incredibly heavy. Now, however, they tend to be made of acrylic materials, which are much lighter. This is necessary because cast iron baths are simply too heavy to be placed on a regular floor. The other benefit of acrylic is that it requires very little maintenance and that it is easy to clean. Best of all, it holds heat very well, which means you can really relax for a long soak.

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The beginner’s guide to applying henna hair dye

On hearing the word “henna”, most people think about body art. However, henna is also commonly used as natural alternative to chemical hair dyes. Henna hair dye is worlds apart from the chemical hair dye that you would find on the supermarket shelves. Henna is completely free of chemicals and rather than simply dying the surface of the hair, it completely penetrates the hair, changing the colour on the inside as well as the outside.

When dying your hair with henna, the process initially takes longer, however, it also lasts longer. Henna hair dye is completely permanent and can be customised by adding different henna tones. Completely natural henna turns your hair a red colour. However, different hennas are available, allowing you to turn your hair blonde or black. These hennas do contain some chemicals and will always have a reddish tint to them, so if your hair is very fair, you could find that a blonde henna has the ability to turn your hair a little reddish.

To get started with henna hair dye, you of course need the henna. You will also need some hot water and a large mixing bowl. Make sure that you have a spatula of some kind, some gloves, a shower cap, an old towel, jojaba oiland some petroleum jelly.

To prepare for dying your hair with henna, ensure that your hair is not washed 12 hours before you apply the colour. The natural oils in your hair will aid the henna to work. The first step to take is to damp your hair and towel dry it to remove any water. Rub a little jojoba oil into your hair ends, being sure that you don’t get it on your roots.

You will then need to create the henna paste yourself, using the henna, hot water, mixing bowl and spatula. The paste should be easily spread on your hair, without being watery. If the consistency is watery, the henna will run onto your neck and face which is not something that you want. Bear in mind that henna is a strong, staining dye so if it reaches your skin, you will struggle to get it out.

As you apply the henna, ensure that you have gloves on, otherwise your hands will be stained with the henna for a good few weeks. This is where the petroleum jelly comes in handy – rub a layer around your hair line to stop the henna from dripping onto the surface of your skin.

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Top tips for managing one of Britain’s top pests – snails

Along with slugs, snails have been recognised as one of the UK’s biggest garden pests, according to the Royal Horticultural Society. Much like slugs, snails are a mollusc which has a tendency to gnaw holes into leaves, flowers and stems, causing irreparable damage to plants.

Snails and slugs are not too different, they’re both most commonly found when the day turns to night and the weather becomes wet. Snails leave trails behind which are a tell-tale sign of their presence. This silvery trail tends to be left behind on soil, stems and hard surfaces. You can also tell that a snail has been around when you spot the odd irregular holes torn into the surface of plants/ Snails attack plants all over, from the root to the tip.

The problem with slugs and snails is the fact that they are virtually impossible to get rid of. Snails will always find a way to make it into your garden, so it is important that you prioritise keeping them away from your most vulnerable plants, rather than trying to eradicate them completely. If you’re aiming to completely rid your garden of snails, you’ll find that you are fighting a losing battle.

Try to focus your efforts on protecting young plants and seedlings which may be more vulnerable than the other plants in your garden.
Different gardeners take different approaches when it comes to pest control. Whilst some gardeners focus on non-chemical methods, other gardeners are happy to use chemicals. If you’d prefer a more natural pest control method, you could encourage animals which will eat snails, but not damage your garden. By learning to encourage toads, hedgehogs and beetles to your garden, you could find that the snail population soon dwindles.

Alternatively, you could create a barrier out of natural materials. Copper tape is known to repeal snails, or alternatively you could create a barrier made from crushed rocks, making it impossible for snails to make their way to plants. The old-fashioned, yet simple method is to go out in the evening when the weather is damp and manually pick snails up and put them in a container. Dispose of snails in a field which is located far away from anyone else’s garden. If you live in an area abundant with gardens and want to destroy the snails, put them in hot water with plenty of salt to ensure that they are killed off quickly and humanly.

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An introduction to getting your ecommerce website to list naturally

Once you’ve got your ecommerce website built and all of your products stocked up, the next step is to get traffic flowing to your website. You might have tried pay per click already and found that it is a little costly, so maybe you’re thinking about the long term. Search engine optimisation is essential for any ecommerce business owner. Getting a first page listing on the search engine is a great way to get the customers coming to your website.

If you’re relatively new to the world of online marketing and you’re unsure of how to start, the first step to take is to decide which keywords you want to target. To find these keywords, you could undertake some keyword research using Google’s Keyword Planning Tool. This handy tool is completely free to use and will tell you exactly how many UK searches there is for each phrase per month, if any. By finding out how many searches each phrase gets, you can work out which are the best to target. Remember that the phrases with the most searches are not always the best option because you will have increased competition. Instead, a middle of the road phrase could be the best option – enough traffic to keep visitors coming to your website but easier to list for than the most popular phrase.

It is important that you not only optimise your website as a whole, you should also work on optimising your website’s product pages as these may have the opportunity to come up in the search results when someone types in a more specific phrase. Ensure that you use keyword focused titles for your product pages and in the URL. The product description should also be emphasised as this is likely to come up as the meta description in the search engine result pages. Bear in mind that this description will come up on social networks if the page is shared, so ensure that you make the most of this text.

When optimising your product page, it is vital that you don’t neglect optimising your images. The filename should not be the default image title. Instead, ensure that the title includes the product name and a relevant keyword. Remember that search engines cannot read images without a descriptive image tag, also known as an ALT tag. This tag enables search engines to understand the content of the image.

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How To Decide Which Clothing To Wear to A Job Interview

Everyone knows that you only get one chance to make a first impression, and with today’s job market being as difficult as it is within the struggling economy, making a good first impression on your job interview is absolutely crucial for most people. There are various things that we often worry about when we are getting ready to go in for an interview, we often quiz ourselves about questions that we may be asked, and keep ourselves up-to-date with any equipment or information we may need on hand for the event, but one of the most important aspects that is often ignored is how we look. Your appearance can tell a potential employer a great deal about you, and the type of work clothing you chose to wear will inform your future company of what kind of employee you could end up being. Obviously, in many cases, a different job interview will require a different look, and you may not dress exactly the same going for an interview at an office as you would at a building site or bar. Some occasions, for example, might call for a trendier look, while others demand you to look more traditional and sophisticated, so be sure to do your research about a company before you go shopping for your interview outfit.

The most important thing to remember for most people in preparing for a job interview is that it’s always advisable to be cautious. Very few employers are going to deduct points from you for showing up to a work interview in work clothing that is overly formal, but if you show up in trendy clothing that shows slightly too much leg, or clothes that are far too casual to be regarded as professional, then you may find that this counts against you. Before you go to your interview, consider the potential workplace you are applying for. If you’re going to be working in an office, see if you can get any information about it from employees that already work there, see how they dress and walk past the office a few times to get a good idea of the style that is incorporated there. When it comes to fields such as legal service or banking, you can usually assume that the clothing will be more traditional, so avoid trendy styles that look too informal. Typically, it’s difficult to go wrong with a sophisticated skirt or pants suit.

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Why Is Training As A Personal Assistant A Valuable Experience?

Training can be a valuable exercise for any professional to engage in when they are looking to build a future in a new or initial career. Whenever you are training in something, the odds are you are interested in learning about how exactly to do something, and when you take part in a training course you will find that you are not simply given instructions to follow, you are instead taught actively how to complete tasks more effectively and efficiently than you might have done before. Training can often help in elevating your level of expertise and skill in a certain area of work, and this should result in an improved level of pride, not only for you, but also for anyone who may end up employing you in the future. Typically, a career as a personal assistant will require various different skills and talents that can be enhanced through good quality training, and when it comes to training yourself to be a top quality personal assistant, there are usually varieties of options open to you in improving your skills. For example, you may look into E-learning if you want to obtain your skills from home in times that are most suited to you, or you could enrol in a training course, attend seminars, self-study using books and training materials, or consider mentoring or coaching from a trained professional.

When you do get started with your training, you should focus on the skills that you feel will be most beneficial to your job, increasing your confidence in the workplace and ensuring that you feel like you really are the best at what you are doing. Training could be helpful in improving your technical skills, as well as your interpersonal skills, and you may find that after taking the appropriate course, you are more capable of thinking on your feet and remaining calm under pressure, skills that are extremely valuable to the PA lifestyle. Training could improve your communication skills which may be essential to your role. Often, as a personal assistant, you will find that you are the first point of contact for the clients and customers of your company, so you should be able to communicate in a pleasant and professional manner to any service user, providing a good overall impression of the company that you are working for. If you want to be the best you can be at your career, look into training opportunities today.

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Using A Great Car Loan To Get Access To Your Dream Car

For many of us these days, owning a car that can help us get around, to pick up the groceries, look after the kids and get to and from work is absolutely essential, but not all of us have the money lying around to own the car of our dreams. These days, all of the different forms of motor loans that are available on the market are making getting the car you have always wanted more of a realistic option, and if you are looking to purchase a fantastic car for yourself, then looking into your options with car loans may be one of your first steps. Many lenders have kept the terms and conditions of their car loans attractive in an attempt to win as many customers as possible in an admittedly difficult market, making your loan even easier to access than you might have imagined. Your loan can be tailored to suit your requirements and your budget, and you can take a loan whether you want to finance a brand new car or a used one. However, before you make a deal or sign the contracts on anything, it is important to take a close look at exactly what is going on within car loan markets, and what you should be aware of when considering your loan.

One of the attractive features of most car loans is that you do not have to look for collateral. Even if you decide to go for a secured car loan in which you will have to put one of your possessions down in case you fail to provide repayments to the lender, you do not have to risk losing your home, as the very car that you intend to buy could easily secure the loan for you. All you have to do from there is hand over the deal papers of the car to the lender who will return them to you once you have paid back your loan completely. Simple. In the meantime, you get to continue driving your car. Secured loans have the advantage of lower interest rates and if your home does end up securing the loan you will usually find that, the rate of interest goes down. The loan amount you can apply for will typically depend on the amount of equity you can offer in collateral, so for larger amounts you will need to have more to offer, and the repayments can also be made over a longer period of months.

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Some Helpful Information Regarding Personal Injury Claims And Settlements.

Personal injury settlements can sometimes offer a form of comfort to people who have been the victim of an accident or injury caused by someone else’s negligence or reckless behaviour. Victims of personal injury often find that they receive compensation for their damages and losses through settlements, and although these settlements will not completely heal the injury or mental trauma a victim has been through, they are extremely important and useful in paying medical bills and recovering lost income. If someone is seriously injured at work or in a car accident, they should take care to consult a professional personal injury lawyer who will help to compile convincing evidence for their case and ensure that they get the most favourable injury settlement possible.

If someone has caused you harm, then you should not try to arrange a settlement with that person on your own, as the person responsible for the misconduct may end up trying to negotiate with you for compensation through his or her insurance company. It’s essential that you do not fall into this trap, as the people guilty of committing the offence or injury will usually try to quiet the matter with monetary settlements, and the assistance of a professional personal injury lawyer will ensure that your injury is properly assessed. A good lawyer will assess the extent of the damage that you have experienced, and in the case of a road traffic accident, the opinion of medical professionals should also be taken into account to ascertain what treatment you will need in order to return to a normal life. Most of the time, the victim of an accident will find that they are unable to successfully negotiate a settlement with the party that is guilty of causing them harm or damage, and personal injury lawyers will be able to take care of this for you, making the best possible effort to win the settlement that you deserve. First of all, a personal injury lawyer will try to calculate the extent of your injury based on the lost income you may have suffered from being unable to go to work and medical expenses. They will then go for the right amount of personal injury settlement based on those conditions. Remember, you don’t have to have suffered physical trauma to be eligible for a personal injury claim, you may also be able to file for compensation if you have suffered from mental trauma or stress because of your accident.

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Tips On Changing Your Standard Car Bulbs To Xenon

If you have recently been considering your options when it comes to changing the light bulbs on your car in an attempt to improve the quality of light that you produce, you might find that switching from standard bulbs to Xenon bulbs could be the choice for you. With Xenon lights, you will typically end up weighing the cost against the benefits, but for the price that you pay, the difference that you experience really is phenomenal. Before you decide on what measures you want to take to upgrade and improve not only the look of your car, but your safety on the road too, you may want to take the time to think about xenon bulbs.

Most people find that the crisp white light a xenon bulb is capable of producing helps to improve their night time vision when they are out on the road. Less squinting and straining your eyes when you are driving during the night reduces eye strain and can improve the safety of you, and those around you. However, if you do replace your existing standard bulbs with Xenon bulbs you can usually expect them to be a great deal brighter to the lights that you are used to.

Studies have shown that xenon bulbs can be anywhere up to 120% brighter than standard bulbs, but because they are direct replacement bulbs you will usually find that the cost to replace them is quite low, especially if you compare them to the cost of changing to HID bulbs with HID kit. Because HID bulbs are not direct replacement options, you need to purchase a kit in order to complete your installation safely and effectively. Xenon HID or high intensity discharge bulbs are quite a bit different from standard xenon bulbs, as the HID version comes with no filament, instead using an electric arc to create the light that you use. These are typically a much more expensive option and can require very high voltages, meaning that you may require a ballast unit. If HID xenon bulbs are your choice when it comes to updating your car’s lights, then you should be sure to get a good quality ballast unit, so that you can benefit from quality light that works on a good pattern. Although you do not have to purchase the most expensive option on the market, it is important to remember that the cheaper versions of Xenon HIDs tend not to last quite as long as good quality branded ones.

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The Finances and Support You Can Expect From Business Opportunities and Franchising

Across the globe today, the success of business opportunities and franchising is continuing to grow steadily, remaining a strong and secure option for many people looking to start their own business or be their own boss. If you have been looking for a way to break out of the rut your nine till five work routine has kept you in for the past however many years, then considering running your own business or franchise might be a fantastic option for you. More and more people each day are investigating the idea of being their own boss and walking away from a job that they no longer enjoy to build their own business, and if this sounds like you, then you may be wondering how you figure out which business option is right for you. Many people prefer to start their journey into the business world with a framework already in hand to help them along the way, as this way they do not have to struggle with figuring out their own structure. If this applies to you, then there are many business opportunities and franchises available on the market today that could help you achieve success in your business ventures, but before you commit to anything, make sure that you have all the information you are going to need to make a wise decision.

With a business franchise, you will typically be expected to pay a fee upfront, as well as royalty fees further down the line to the franchisor you are buying from in exchange for their continued assistance and support with building and maintaining your business success. The royalties that you pay can either be used to support marketing opportunities, pay employees who help to support various franchises, growing the brand or can simply be invested back into the business. Typically, you will pay royalties in a fixed contractual basis, and you may have a set amount to pay each time, or an amount that is generated based on a percentage of your sales. This can be much different to the finances you can expect to pay with other business opportunities, as if you are running your own business from scratch then you will not have to pay any on-going royalties, meaning you can keep your money to save and invest wherever you feel is right. When it comes to working with a franchisor, you will also be able to expect a continued level of support to ensure that your business continues to run at its highest level. However, when you are working by yourself, you are unlikely to have the same level of assistance.

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